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Aeronaves Peruanas Air Cargo
Base: Lima Jorge Chávez International (LIM) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-222(F)OB-Stored at LIM
AeroSpace Consortium
Base: Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) | ICAO: AKQ | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2Q9Adv. (F)5Y-GMAopf Safe Air
Base: Barranquilla Ernesto Cortissoz International (BAQ) | IATA: G0 | ICAO: KRE | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2J0Adv. (F)HK-4504
 hiddenhiddenB727-2J0Adv. (F)HK-4544Maintenance at BOG
Air Class Lineas Aéreas
Base: Montevideo Carrasco (MVD) | IATA: VZ | ICAO: QCL | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-227Adv. (F)CX-
 hiddenhiddenB727-214Adv. (F)CX-CAR
Al Anwa
Base: Riyadh King Khalid (RUH) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2U5Adv. (RE) WIN.HZ-AB3Maintenance at PGF
Al Tameer Company
Base: Riyadh King Khalid (RUH) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-212Adv. (RE) WIN.HZ-SKI
Alticor Aviation
Base: Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International (GRR) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-017(RE) WIN.VP-BPZopf Peter Nygard
Amerijet International
Base: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL) | IATA: M6 | ICAO: AJT | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2F9Adv. (F) WIN.N199AJ
 hiddenhiddenB727-233Adv. (F) WIN.N495AJ
 hiddenhiddenB727-227Adv. (F) WIN.N794AJto be re-registered as N123ZG / opf Zero Gravity Corporation
 hiddenhiddenB727-231Adv. (F) WIN.N905AJStored at LAL
Asia Pacific Airlines (Guam)
Base: Guam International (GUM) | IATA: P9 | ICAO: MGE | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-212Adv. (F) WIN.N319NE
 hiddenhiddenB727-223Adv. (F) WIN.N705AA
 hiddenhiddenB727-212Adv. (F) WIN.N86425
Astral Aviation
Base: Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) | IATA: 8V | ICAO: ACP | details
UPDhiddenhiddenB727-227Adv. (F)ZS-IAC
Bahrain Royal Flight
Base: Bahrain Muharraq International (BAH) | ICAO: BAH | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2M7Adv. (RE) WIN.A9C-BAopf Government of Bahrain
Cargojet Airways
Base: Hamilton John C. Munro International (YHM) | IATA: W8 | ICAO: CJT | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-223Adv. (F)C-FCJF
 hiddenhiddenB727-260Adv. (F)C-FCJU
 hiddenhiddenB727-223Adv. (F)C-FCJV
 hiddenhiddenB727-225Adv. (F)C-GCJB
 hiddenhiddenB727-223Adv. (F)C-GCJK
 hiddenhiddenB727-225Adv. (F)C-GCJN
 hiddenhiddenB727-225Adv. (F)C-GCJQ
 hiddenhiddenB727-225Adv. (F)C-GCJZ
Celestial Airways
Base: Dubai International (DXB) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2X8Adv. (RE) WIN.M-STAR
Classic Limited Air
Base: Van Nuys (VNY) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-051N724CLStored at VNY
Clementine Aviation Services
Base: West Palm Beach International (PBI) | details
Congo Presidential Flight
Base: Kinshasa N'Dolo (NLO) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-223Adv.9Q-CBAopf Government of Congo Kinshasa
Elan Express
Base: Denver International (DEN) | details
Emirate Touch Aviation
Base: Kano Mallam Aminu International (KAN) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-2B7Adv. (F)5N-BNQ
Force Aérienne de Burkina Faso
Base: Ouagadougou (OUA) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-282Adv. (RE) WIN.XT-BFAopf Government of Burkina Faso
Force Aérienne du Congo
Base: Kinshasa N'Djili International (FIH) | details
 hiddenhiddenB727-030WIN.9Q-CDCopf Government of Congo Kinshasa
 hiddenhiddenB727-022C9T-TCKopf Government of Congo Kinshasa
 hiddenhiddenB727-025C WIN.9T-TCLopf Government of Congo Kinshasa
 hiddenhiddenB727-2Y4Adv. (RE) WIN.9Q-CBAopf Government of Congo Kinshasa
Abbreviations: NEW = New aircraft added (last 15 days), UPD = Aircraft updated (last 15 days), lsf = leased from (Dry Lease), lst = leased to (Dry Lease), opf = operating for (Wet Lease), opb = operated by (Wet Lease)
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