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Airlift International
Base: Accra Kotoka (ACC) | ICAO: ALE | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-63(F)9G-RACStored at RKT
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-63(F)9G-SIMStored at RKT
Bravo Cargo Services
Base: Ras al Khaimah International (RKT) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-73(F)TT-DBCStored at NBO
Base: Bermuda L.F. Wade International (BDA) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-62VP-BHMStored at ARN
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-72VP-BHSStored at HEL
BTL - Base de Transport de Lomé
Base: Lomé Tokoin (LFW) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-625V-TGFopf Government of Togo
FITS Aviation
Base: Colombo Bandaranaike International (CMB) | IATA: 8D | ICAO: EXV | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-63(F)4R-EXJCargo Division / Stored at NBO
Force Aérienne du Congo
Base: Kinshasa N'Djili International (FIH) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-55(F)9T-TCNCargo Division / Stored at FIH
Meridian Airways
Base: Accra Kotoka (ACC) | ICAO: MAG | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-63(F)9G-AXAStored at NSI
Base: Washington Dulles International (IAD) | details
Ribway Cargo Airlines
Base: Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-73(F)5Y-RCAStored at ILN
Samaritan's Purse
Base: Boone (NC14) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-72(F)N782SPStored at SAT
SkyBus Jet Cargo
Base: Las Vegas McCarran International (LAS) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-73(F)N807DHStored at ROW
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-73(F)N873SJStored at IGM
Trans Air Cargo Service
Base: Kinshasa N'Djili International (FIH) | details
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-62(F)9Q-CJLStored at JNB
 hiddenhiddenDC-8-73(F)9Q-CJOStored at JNB
Abbreviations: NEW = New aircraft added (last 15 days), UPD = Aircraft updated (last 15 days), lsf = leased from (Dry Lease), lst = leased to (Dry Lease), opf = operating for (Wet Lease), opb = operated by (Wet Lease)
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