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Uzbekistan Airways
Base: Tashkent Yuzhny (TAS) | IATA: HY | ICAO: UZB | details
 hiddenhiddenA320-214PrestigeUK-32000VIP Division / opf Government of Uzbekistan
 hiddenhiddenB757-23PUK-75700opf Government of Uzbekistan
 hiddenhiddenB767-33P(ER)UK-67000opf Government of Uzbekistan
 hiddenhiddenB767-33P(BCF)UK-67001Cargo Division
 hiddenhiddenB767-33P(BCF)UK-67002Cargo Division
 hiddenhiddenIl-114-100UK-91102Stored at TAS
Abbreviations: NEW = New aircraft added (last 15 days), UPD = Aircraft updated (last 15 days), lsf = leased from (Dry Lease), lst = leased to (Dry Lease), opf = operating for (Wet Lease), opb = operated by (Wet Lease)
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