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Panamá City Tocumen International (PTY)
Panama B
North America B

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30 Countries served
69 Destinations served
92 Routes served




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  • Read more 18MAR2014: Air Canada calls Maduro's bluff and pulls out of Caracas
    Air Canada (AC, Montréal Trudeau) has suspended flights to Caracas Simón Bolivar in the wake of civil unrest in the Venezuelan capital. The Canadian carrier said it could "no longer ensure the safety of its operations in Venezuela" with its last flight leaving Caracas on Sunday, March 16.

    The Canadian national carrier's move flies in the face of recent threats by Venezuelan president, Nicholas Maduro, to permanently ban any airlines who pull out now, from ever returning in the future.

    "For any airline that reduces (operations) I will take severe measures. The company that leaves the country will not return while we hold power," Maduro told a press conference in Caracas. "If they [the airlines] leave, we'll have enough options to substitute them. That's why we have the new Conviasa (V0, Caracas Simón Bolivar). And there are many planes from the world coming in and I don't know how many airlines are asking for permission to cover flights to Panama, Central America and South America."

    He added that any reduction in operations "was part of the war they want to wage in Venezuela."

    Avianca (AV, Bogotá), Copa Airlines (CM, Panamá City Tocumen Int'l), and TAME Ecuador (EQ, Quito Int'l) have already announced reduction in services to Venezuela citing a lack of profitability. Venezuelan law requires all air tickets to be sold in non-convertible bolivars which the government then changes into US dollars. However, for the past six months, all foreign airlines that serve Venezuela have been battling to recover USD3.7billion in revenue owed them by the local foreign exchange control syndicate, CADIVI.
  • Read more 03MAR2014: LAN Colombia secures 60% of Copa Airlines' Colombian slots
    LAN Colombia (4C, Bogotá) has been awarded nearly 60% of the domestic Colombian routes recently relinquished by Copa Airlines (CM, Panamá City Tocumen Int'l). In an announcement at the recent 33rd Tourism Showcase in Anato, LAN Colombia's CEO Hernán Pasman said his airline would expand the frequency of flights to Cartagena de Indias, Cali, Santa Marta, Cúcuta and San Andrés in July of this year.

    With the acquisition of these new frequencies, LAN says it will continue to grow and increase its presence in the Colombian market.

    The Colombian civil aviation authority (Autoridad Aeronáutica de Colombia - Aerocivil) has warned however, that the launch of these new flights is contingent on each airport's infrastructure being up to scratch.

    Aerocivil has yet to outline which other carriers secured the remaining 40% of Copa's slots.
  • Read more 27JAN2014: Pressure on Caracas mounts as Aerolineas Argentinas suspends sales
    Aerolineas Argentinas (AR, Buenos Aires Ezeiza) has joined the likes of American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth), Air Canada (AC, Montréal Trudeau), United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare), Copa Airlines (CM, Panamá City Tocumen Int'l), Air Europa (UX, Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan) and Delta Air Lines (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson) in suspending the sale of tickets in Venezuela over unpaid ticket-sales revenue. Pressure on Caracas has mounted in recent days after the country's Vice President of Economic Affairs, Rafael Ramirez, announced that airlines would be forced to use a secondary exchange rate determined by weekly auctions. The rate set at the latest auction was 11.36 bolivars per dollar, compared with the official rate of 6.3. The move would effectively wipe out half the estimated USD3billion in remittances owed foreign carriers leading some, such as TAME Ecuador (EQ, Quito Int'l), to suspend their flights to Caracas Simón Bolivar in protest.
  • Read more 11JAN2014: Air Europa suspends ticket sales in Venezuela
    Air Europa (UX, Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan) has temporarily suspended ticket sales in Venezuela owing to ongoing difficulties in converting the local Venezuelan Bolivar into foreign currency. Julio Fernandez, a spokesman for the airline’s parent, Globalia, told Bloomberg newswire that the carrier has more than USD100million tied up in the country. The crunch has affected numerous carriers, among them American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth), Lufthansa (LH, Frankfurt Int'l) and Copa Airlines (CM, Panamá City Tocumen Int'l). In light of the ongoing constraints, some airlines, such as Avianca (AV, Bogotá), have moved to acquire real estate in Venezuela to invest revenue it couldn’t repatriate. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), international airlines are owed the equivalent of USD2.6billion at the official exchange rate of VEF6.3 per dollar. In line with predecessor Hugo Chavez, the socialist government of Nicholas Maduro has increasingly sought to blame its mounting economic and social woes on opposition parties and foreign sabotage.
  • Read more 11OCT2013: Copa Airlines orders Split Scimitar Winglets for its B737 fleet
    Copa Airlines (CM, Panamá City Tocumen Int'l) has announced that it has ordered up to 100 Split Scimitar Winglet Systems from Aviation Partners Boeing to be fitted to its fleet of 45 B737-800s and 18 B737-700s. The airline was the first to operate the blended winglet on its 737-700/-800s. The new winglets improve aircraft performance and reduce fuel consumption by around 3.5%.


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Aircraft TypeActiveInactiveTotalOn Order* BØ Age P  
B737-700 WIN.18 18hiddenhidden
B737-800 WIN.48 48hiddenhidden
EMB-19015 15hiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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