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  • South East Airlines Airline Name
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Scheduled Carrier
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Rebranded from Daghestan Airlines (1994-2009)

Legal Country

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Makhachkala Uytash (MCX)
Russia B
Europe B


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  • Read more 12OCT2012: Kosmos Airlines new Tupolev Tu-154M operator in Russia
    Kosmos Airlines (K6, Moscow Vnukovo) has taken delivery of a first ex-South East Airlines (N2, Makhachkala) Tu-154M RA-85848 (c/n 89A-804) complementing its existing fleet of seven Tu-134s and three An-12s.
  • Read more 15AUG2012: Kazairtrans resumes charter operations with single Tu-154M
    Kazairtrans (KUY, Astana) has taken delivery of a ex-South East Airlines (N2, Makhachkala) Tu-154M UP-T5409 (c/n 97A-1009) to resume charter operations. It had last operated between 2008 and 2010 with two B737-200s.
  • Read more 18FEB2012: South East Airlines News Update
    South East Airlines (N2, Makhachkala) is currently taking legal action against the decision by Rosaviatsiya, the Russian civil aviation authority, to withdraw its operating license back in December. Meanwhile, Red Wings (WZ, Moscow Vnukovo) has announced its interest in setting up a base at Makhachkala launching domestic flights to Moscow Vnukovo as well as some international services.
  • Read more 02JAN2012: South East Airlines News Update
    South East Airlines (N2, Makhachkala) has been forced to suspend operations by the Russian civil aviation authority on December 17. It had operated a fleet of nine Tu-154Ms and four Tu-134s on scheduled services from Makhachkala in the Dagestan region of Russia to Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen, Moscow Vnukovo and St. Petersburg as well as charter services. After a crash of one of its aircraft at Moscow Domodedovo in December 2011, it had been instructed to improve its safety standards and according to statements made by the authorities had been found to be not following these guidelines leading to the cancellation of its air operator certificate now.
  • Read more 24JAN2010: South East Airlines News Update
    South East Airlines (N2, Makhachkala) is the new name of Daghestan Airlines. It has announced plans to significantly increase regional operations by adding 15 An-148s and two Tu-204-100s to its fleet between 2010 and 2012.
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