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New York John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
New York B
United States of America B
North America B

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6 Countries served
9 Destinations served
37 Routes served




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Polar Air Cargo begins B747 freighter lease-contract with DHL

Polar Air Cargo (PO, New York JFK) has begun operating two additional freighters for DHL Express as part of an ACMI arrangement between the global logistics specialist and Polar's parent, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc.

"The two aircraft, a B747-8(F) and a B747-400(F), will be operated in Polar Air Cargo Worldwide’s express network under an ACMI arrangement for the benefit of DHL Express and Polar’s other customers. Operations are scheduled to begin on October 26, 2014."

Overall, Polar ...

Japan's NCA Nippon Cargo in $45mn settlement in Cargo Cartel case

NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines (KZ, Tokyo Narita) has reportedly moved to settle its part in the Air Cargo Shipping Services Antitrust Litigation suit for USD45million. With a Memorandum of Understanding with plaintiffs having now been signed, the payout is now awaiting approval from a New York court.

The Handy Shipping Guide newswire reports the carrier has also accepted a fine imposed by the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) in a separate case. Payment of said fine should then settle the ...

Atlas Air to redeploy B747-8Fs, formerly with GSS, to DHL Express

Atlas Air (5Y, New York JFK) has leased two of its three B747-8(F)s, previously operated by Global Supply Systems (GSS, London Stansted), out to DHL Express. The freighters will be operated by subsidiary Polar Air Cargo (PO, New York JFK) and will replace two B747-400(F)s Atlas currently operates for the logistics giant.

In January, Global Supply Systems' parent, IAG Cargo, announced the premature termination of its contract with Atlas Air. The operator had concluded that given current global ...

BST Logistics Hong Kong to wet-lease an Atlas Air B747-8(F) next year

Atlas Air (5Y, New York JFK) has signed an agreement with Hong Kong-based BST Logistics, a business partner of Navitrans International Freight Forwarding, for the wet-lease of one B747-8(F). The contract is scheduled to begin in February 2014 and will allow BST Logistics to provide dedicated airfreight services on key global routes connecting the US, Europe and Asia. Of Atlas' six B747-8(F)s, two currently operate for Luxembourg's Panalpina World Transport, two are operated by ...

DHL contracts Atlas Air to operate B767-300ERs in Asia

Atlas Air (5Y, New York JFK) has announced that it has reached an agreement with its partner DHL Express to operate two B767-300(F) freighters on behalf of the logistics provider from early 2013. The aircraft will be operated by Atlas Air on behalf of sister carrier Polar Air Cargo (PO, New York JFK) on routes within Asia that operates the vast majority of the group’s DHL services there. Atlas already operates five B767-200(F) aircraft for DHL but so far has only operated B767-300ERs in ...


Fleet show complete list

Aircraft TypeActiveInactiveTotalOn Order* BØ Age PCapacity P  
B747-400(F)8 8hiddenhiddenhidden
B747-8(F)6 6hiddenhiddenhidden
B767-300(F) WIN.2 2hiddenhiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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