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Santo Domingo Las Américas (SDQ)
Dominican Republic B
North America B


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PAWA Dominicana scraps Delta DC-9 plans, goes with MD-87s

PAWA Dominicana (7N, Santo Domingo Las Américas) has abandoned plans to acquire up to twenty DC-9-50s from Delta Air Lines (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson) choosing instead to equip its fleet with MD-8X aircraft. Airline sources who spoke to ch-aviation exclusively said the DC-9's poor economics would have impacted profit margins too significantly.

A DC-9-50 that was to have been PAWA's first aircraft has since been sold to an undisclosed Panamanian airline which plans to convert it into a ...

Venezuela's Aserca retires last remaining DC 9-30 from service

Aserca Airlines (R7, Caracas Simón Bolivar) retired its last remaining DC-9-30, YV1879 (msn 48139), from revenue service on July 28. The aircraft has since been ferried from Caracas Simón Bolivar to Santo Domingo Las Américas where it is currently awaiting deployment with new owner, PAWA Dominicana (7N, Santo Domingo Las Américas).

Aserca continues to operate an extensive McDonnell Douglas (Long Beach) fleet with four MD-82s, eight MD-83s and two MD-87s still in service with the Venezuelan ...

Aeropostal Venezuela retires world's last active DC 9-50

Aeropostal - Alas de Venezuela (VH, Caracas Simón Bolivar) has withdrawn its last remaining DC-9 from revenue service and is now planning to use it as a training mock-up in Caracas Simón Bolivar. Sources in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, inform ch-aviation that the aircraft in question, YV137T (msn 47771), was the last DC-9-50 in commercial operation anywhere in the world making Aeropostal the last operator of the type (that is, unless a plan to return some ...

PAWA Dominicana takes delivery of first Venezuelan DC-9

PAWA Dominicana (7N, Santo Domingo Las Américas) will acquire the last two DC-9-30s belonging to its sister carrier, Venezuela's Aserca Airlines (R7, Caracas Simón Bolivar), ch-aviation has learned.

According to exclusive sources, the Dominican start-up has already taken delivery of one of the aircraft, YV371T (msn 47235), at a ceremony held at Santo Domingo Las Américas. The other aircraft, YV1879 (msn 48139), is believed to still be operating for Aserca in Venezuela at this ...

Delta maintaining DC 9-50 ops while B717s are phased in

Delta Air Lines (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson) has not completely retired its fleet of DC-9-50s reports via social media suggest. The US mega-carrier had officially withdrawn the type from active service on January 6. However, according to the website, "at least" two DC 9-50s, N779NC (msn 48101) and N782NC (msn 48107) have been retained as back-up aircraft on flights to and from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson while the twinjet's replacement, the B717-200, is gradually phased into ...


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MD-82 11hiddenhiddenhidden
MD-83 22hiddenhiddenhidden
MD-87 22hiddenhiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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