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La Paz El Alto (LPB)
Bolivia B
South America B


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  • Read more 11MAR2014: Six JoyAir, Okay Airways MA60s return to service after inspection
    Xian Aircraft Company (Xi'an Yanliang) has given the go-ahead to JoyAir (JR, Xi'an Xianyang) and Okay Airways (BK, Tianjin) to return six of their MA-60s into revenue service. The six were part of a larger group of fifteen MA-60s that were grounded by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) following a series of incidents involving the types landing gear assembly and signal system.

    Chinese aviation portal, WCARN, reports the aircraft were returned to service on Monday, March 10.

    At this time, it is believed Xian is still carrying out audits of turboprops owned by Lao Airlines (QV, Vientiane), Air Zimbabwe (UM, Harare Int'l) and Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM (La Paz El Alto).
  • Read more 27FEB2014: CAAC issues directive grounding fifteen MA60s worldwide
    Xian Aircraft Company (Xi'an Yanliang) has successfully applied to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to ground some active MA-60s following a series of incidents involving the type's landing gear assembly and indication system. The CAAC on Friday, February 28, issued a directive grounding fifteen MA60s worldwide including those owned by Okay Airways (BK, Tianjin) and JoyAir (JR, Xi'an Xianyang) as well as those owned by Lao Airlines (QV, Vientiane), Air Zimbabwe (UM, Harare Int'l), Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM (La Paz El Alto), and those formerly operated by Zest Air (Z2, Manila) in the Philippines.

    The first incident occurred on February 4 when the nose gear of a Joy Air MA-60, B-3455 (cn 803), inexplicably retracted during roll out on Zhengzhou's runway 12. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. Then on February 25, an Okay Airways MA-60, B-3710 (cn 510), was forced to hold for two hours around Shenyang airport while crew verified whether or not the aircraft's gear was down and locked. The turboprop was able to land safely.

    "As a precaution, Xian Aircraft Company has decided to apply as soon as possible to the airworthiness authorities to temporarily ground MA-60 aircraft. The grounding will allow AVIC to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft's landing gear indication system," AVIC said in a statement.

    Once confirmed safe and reliable, it will then apply to the authority to return the type into service.

    The ch-aviation aircraft database shows a total of 88 MA-60s have been built of which the majority are operational in China.
  • Read more 07NOV2013: Bolivia's Transporte Aéreo Militar takes hefty tax bill to court
    Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM (La Paz El Alto) has lodged an appeal with the Bolivian high court over a BOB55million (USD7.96million) tax bill from the local internal revenue agency (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales - SIN). La Razon newspaper says the airline, backed by the Bolivian military, disputed SIN president Erik Ariñez Bazan's assertion that the tax assessment was valid given that an extensive audit of the airline had been carried out in 2008. The military's high command has said the airline must pay their obligations and that their would be "no special treatment for them". A military committee has now been formed to liaise with authorities to resolve the dispute.
  • Read more 11AUG2013: Bolivia's Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM set for first 737-300
    Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM (La Paz El Alto) is set to take delivery of its first B737-300, ex-N378UA (msn 24653), formerly with United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare). According to sources, the aircraft, currently parked at Goodyear, has now been re-registered as FAB-115 with a Bolivian flag emblazoned on its side. However, it is still in basic in basic United colours. At present, the Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (Cochabamba) owned carrier operates a single B727-200, four B737-200s, two BAe 146-200s and two Yunshuji Y-7s.
  • Read more 26APR2013: EcoJet to start ops in late May as Bolivia's domestic market heats up
    EcoJet (8J, Cochabamba) is poised to start operations in late May following the recent arrival of its first aircraft, an ex-FlairJet (Germany) (Nuremberg) ARJ-85 D-AVRK (c/n 278) on April 23. The airline's initial network will cover all of Bolivia's major cities. EcoJet will compete with fellow new-comer Aerolinea Boliviana AeroStar (Santa Cruz Viru Viru) and veteran carriers, Amaszonas (Z8, La Paz El Alto) and BoA - Boliviana de Aviación (OB, La Paz El Alto), both of whom have announced plans to upgrade their fleets with CRJ-200s and B737NGs during the second half of the year in preparation for the added market pressure. Not to be outdone, Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM (La Paz El Alto), the Bolivian Air Force's carrier, is also expected to take delivery of a first B737-300 in the near future.


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Aircraft TypeActiveInactiveTotalOn Order* BØ Age P  
B727-2001 1hiddenhidden
B737-2004 4hiddenhidden
B737-3001 1hiddenhidden
BAe 146-2002 2hiddenhidden
MA-60/-600 22hiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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