Bamboo Airways (QH, Hanoi) and Ho Chi Minh City-based Sacombank have announced a “comprehensive cooperation agreement” involving a new strategic partnership in the areas of “investment, production, and business,” according to the two companies’ social media accounts.

The privately-owned bank agreed to provide corporate financial services related to loans, bank guarantees, domestic payments, and cash-flow management, among other things. It will also offer its financial services to the carrier’s employees and promote the services of Bamboo Airways within its own corporate structure.

For its part, the airline said it would provide Sacombank with passenger, cargo, and travel services under a priority policy, introduce Sacombank products and services to its corporate channels, and promote the bank’s image and brand among local and international customers. It also pledged to promote the bank in the travel and tourism sector and at conferences with the aim of helping it attract more customers.

The two partners are also expected to launch a co-branded credit card providing special benefits. Bamboo Airways and Sacombank have already cooperated in the past, for example in providing discounts, refunds, and other incentives to each other’s employees and customers.

At a signing event in Ho Chi Minh City on April 9, the two partners - represented by Bamboo Airways chairman Trịnh Văn Quyết and Sacombank chairman Dương Công Minh - heaped praise on each other’s achievements in their respective fields. Dương said he expected the cooperation would “bring benefits to customers and shareholders and contribute to economic growth.”