Great Dane Airlines (DW, Aalborg) has been declared bankrupt as of October 11, a notice posted to its website has said.

While no further details on the airline's impending liquidation have yet been made public, Peder Hornshøj, the chief executive of Bravo Tours, confirmed the news to Danish business news site Finans.

According to the report, Great Dane Airlines has suffered a torrid pandemic registering a loss of DKK50.6 million krone (USD7.88 million) in 2020, double that of 2019 when it incurred a deficit of DKK25.3 million (USD3.94 million).

Great Dane Airlines was founded in 2018 by Thomas Hugo Møller. It operated three E195s (two ARs and one LR, all of which were leased from SEBC Aviation Leasing ApS). After the last flights on October 11, two aircraft are parked at Billund airport and one at Copenhagen Kastrup. Aside from ACMI/charter operations, it also ran regular flights from Aalborg to each of Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.