SkyUp Airlines (PQ, Kyiv Boryspil) has obtained a United Kingdom Third Country Operator (TCO) permit, allowing it to broaden its operations to the UK.

The Ukrainian carrier transitioned to a fully-fledged ACMI/charter specialist for a variety of European customers after its core Ukrainian operations were interrupted by the Russian invasion of the country. Most of SkyUp's fleet was evacuated from Ukraine ahead of the closure of the country's airspace. The ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows it currently operates two B737-700s and ten B737-800s (one of which is stranded at Kyiv Boryspil airport).

The airline is in the process of obtaining a new AOC via SkyUp Malta (SEU, Malta International) to operate more easily in the European Union and beyond. It hopes to obtain the new permit in late 2022 or early 2023. The Ukrainian AOC, besides the newly obtained UK TCO, has also been authorised as a Third Country Operator by the European Union and Switzerland.