Air Caucasus (UY, Tbilisi) Director General, George Kodua, says lingering political tensions between Georgia and Russia are obstructing his airline's plans to start flights to Moscow. According to Central Asia Aero News, Air Caucasus says that in response to a recent application to Moscow to start charter flights there, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsiya, demanded to see additional confirmations from the Georgian Civil Aviation Administration (GCAA), a request the GCAA said it could not fulfil owing to a lack of diplomatic relations between the two countries. “We wrote to Moscow prior to receive [sic] an official letter from the Georgian side, stating we have already received permission from the Georgian side, but they require additional documentation and hinted that the case should be seen in a political light”, Mr. Kodua stated. In 2008, Georgia fought a five-day long war against Russia (along with the separatist Republic of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia), following which diplomatic ties between the two ex-Soviet states were broken off.