Syrianair (RB, Damascus) and Air Koryo (JS, Pyongyang) could partner on each other's flights should North Korea ratify a proportional allotment agreement proposed by the Syrians during a Syrian-DPRK Joint Economic Committee meeting held in June.

According to North Korean watchdog site, NK News, Damascus claims the proposed agreement will bring numerous economic benefits. The deal will allow for the block booking of an allotment of seats or space on either airline, which can be reserved for the regular transfer of individuals or cargo.

The Syrian Ministry of Aviation has already signed the agreement and is awaiting an official response from North Korea.

Concerns have been raised, however, that given Syria's relationship with the reclusive Stalinist state concerning the trade of military equipment and personnel, there is potential for the proposed agreement to be used for illicit activity.

At present, neither airline serves either country with scheduled flights.