Camair-Co (QC, Douala) along with Aero Contractors (NIG, Lagos), Arik Air (W3, Lagos), and Gambia Bird (3G, Banjul) have been banned from offering flights connecting Cameroon and Nigeria as a result of the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus currently sweeping through West Africa.

In addition to the suspension of flights between the two countries, the Cameroonian government last week announced it had closed its borders with Nigeria as well.

“This decision on border closure and suspension of all flights to and from Nigeria was to protect the lives of Cameroonian citizens living within and outside from contracting ebola, as Nigeria, our main trading partner in Africa had been facing since July 20, 2014 when Patrick Sawyer sneaked into the country aboard a flight with the deadly virus,” the spokesman of the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chiroumma Boukkari, told the BBC's Hausa service.

Crossing points and flights would only be reopened once Nigeria had demonstrated that it had gotten the virus under control.

The outbreak has hit three of the world's poorest countries - Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea - with the death toll now reaching over 1'200.