East Air (EG, Dushanbe) has returned all but one its aircraft to their respective lessors in hope that the Tajikistan General Authority of Civil Aviation (TGACA) will reinstate its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

Central Asian Aero News says management is still awaiting an official explanation from the regulatory body which revoked the carrier's AOC in October citing 'certification issues'. East Air management claims its AOC was renewed in August following a thorough scrutinization by the TGACA.

“Aviation authorities have not responded to our request, for whatever reason our activities have been suspended. We are closed, like some kiosk, but we have obligations to investors, to the lessors, which also need to be answered, but we, unfortunately, do not have our reply," East Air's Acting Director General, Vladimir Kuimov, said.

He went on to add that petitions to several state departments, including the Public Prosecutor, querying its revocation had gone unanswered.

Prior to its suspension, the Tajik carrier had operated five A320-200s, one B737-300 (on lease to Eritrean Airlines (B8, Asmara)), and one B737-400, on flights to Russia and Kazakhstan.