Air Serbia (JU, Belgrade) is planning to phase out its fleet of ATR72s over the next two to three years in favour of newer, leased machines. Speaking to EX-YU Aviation News, airline CEO Dane Kondić said ordering new aircraft would be too lengthy given the time required to order and eventually deliver them.

Though collectively Air Serbia's three ATR72-200s and two ATR72-500s average 21.7 years of age, Kondić insists they are still in fine operational order having passed inspections by technical teams from Etihad Airways (EY, Abu Dhabi Int'l).

The ch-aviation route database shows the Avions de Transport Régional turboprops are currently used on flights throughout the former Yugolsav republics of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, as well as to Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece.