SkyWise (SWZ, Johannesburg O.R. Tambo) has resumed operations after it was briefly grounded on Tuesday, October 13 by the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA); the firm which manages Johannesburg O.R. Tambo and Cape Town airports.

ACSA said in a prepared response that it had revoked the airline's landing and takeoff rights after it failed to settle outstanding landing and takeoff fees as well as charges relating to aircraft parking and various service charges dating back to August of this year.

The firm added that while the two sides had signed an agreement concerning payment terms on September 16, 2015, further attempts by ACSA to settle the debt went unheeded. As a result, it then issued a final demand for payment for October 9.

"Despite these attempts, Skywise failed to meet its obligations as agreed to by the two parties," ACSA said. "This left the Airports Company South Africa with no option but to suspend the airline."

As of Wednesday, October 14, the ban has been "temporarily uplifted" with both sides said to be in talks to resolve the impasse.

While airline management has yet to officially address Tuesday's events, SkyWise Co-CEO Irfan Pardesi has issued an emotionally-charged statement via social media in which he alludes to a conspiracy against his airline.

"What I didn't know was this business is more politics and dirty tricks than business of adding value," he said. "What I didn't understand was how each individual like you and me complains about the bureaucracy of the corporations and how the man on the street doesn't get opportunities but when it comes to be a buyer, we buy from the corporations and doubt the start-ups."

"We are strong and we will stay strong. I have been introduced to a world of possibilities from the man on the street on one side, and the world of politics on the other. Let’s see who wins."

Launched in March of this year, SkyWise operates a B737-300 (leased from Star Air (South Africa) (BRH, Johannesburg O.R. Tambo)) and a B737-500 on multiple daily flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Though the brainchild of former 1time airline executives Rodney James, Glenn Orsmond, Michael Kaminski, Johan Borstlap and Wayne Duvenage, SkyWise is owned by PAK Africa Aviation, a Pakistan/UAE-backed consortium that is based in South Africa.