The Indonesian Ministry of Transport has announced further restrictions on locally-registered aircraft that operate within the confines of the south-east Asian archipelago.

Transport Minister Ignatius Jonan last month amended Indonesia's Civil Aviation Safety Regulations forbidding the importation, registration and use of commercial passenger aircraft older than ten years of age while freighters are limited to fifteen years of age.

Meanwhile, existing commercial passenger and cargo aircraft already in service with local operators may not exceed thirty years of age. According to the ch-aviation aircraft database, the following commercial Indonesian carriers would be affected by this part of the new law: Cardigair (one B737-300(F)), Jayawijaya Dirgantara (one B737-200(F)), My Indo Airlines (one B737-300(F)), Pelita Air (two Dash 7s), Tri-M.G. Intra Asia Airlines (one B727-100(F), one B727-200(F), and one B737-200(C)), Trigana Air Service (two B737-200Advs), and xpressair (one B737-200Adv).

Local operators have been given until October 15, 2018, or 36 months from the promulgation of this regulation, to comply.

Operators that do not comply with the directive will be subject to unspecified penalties in addition to having non-compliant aircraft removed from their respective Air Operators Certificates (AOC).

As part of a renewed drive to improve Indonesian aviation's safety oversight, Jonan's administration has, over the past six months, enforced several already-promulgated laws including those that relate to the minimum number of aircraft commercial airlines must operate as well as minimum financial indicators.