Eurowings Europe (E2, Vienna) is on track to make its commercial debut this March the Austrian Aviation Net news portal has reported.

In terms of operations, the start-up, which recently revised its trading name from EWAT GmbH to Eurowings Europe GmbH, is looking to operate a fleet of seven A320 Family aircraft by the end of this year. Over the course of 2017, it will add a plane a month which should bring its fleet to an overall total of nineteen come January 2018.

As part of the Lufthansa Group's ambitious Eurowings (EW, Düsseldorf Int'l) LCC programme, Eurowings Europe will, as its name suggests, focus on developing a regional European network out of its Vienna hub initially. It is currently completing its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) with the Austrian authorities and is also in the process of finalizing staffing requirements. It plans to operate from two to three bases by the end of the year.