SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK, Copenhagen Kastrup) will launch flights between Copenhagen Kastrup and Vágar in the Faroe Islands early next year, marking an end to the almost twelve-year monopoly Atlantic Airways (RC, Vágar) has enjoyed on the route.

SAS said in a statement it will offer daily return flights between the two cities starting March 27, 2017 using a combination of A319-100s and A320-200s.

“We believe that there is a market, and many of our customers have requested flights to the Faroe Islands. SAS is a Scandinavian company, which relies heavily on the Scandinavian and domestic market," SAS Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lars Sandahl Sørensen told the portal. He added that SAS is also anticipating a significant number of transfer passengers on the route which could link through the SAS network in Copenhagen.

Atlantic Airways has held a monopoly on the Vágar-Copenhagen route for almost twelve years, with exception to a brief period in 2006. It currently runs the route double-daily and will up capacity on the service when it introduces a newly acquired A320-200 (sl) on the route early next year.