AvA Airways Inc., a Caribbean airline conglomerate incorporated in the United States, has accused Ava Air SAS of Martinique of trademark infringement.

The Chairman of AvA Airways Inc., Olivier Arrindell, told the Curaçao Chronicle in an interview a company representative in Martinique had requested AVA Air SAS to cease and desist from using the name AVA Air for purposes of marketing, sales, social media, distribution, or any identification of products or services in connection.

“AVA Air SAS of Martinique’s unauthorized use of AvA Airways Inc internationally recognized registered trademark amounts to an infringement of Ava Airways Inc. trademark rights,” he said.

It is uncertain if AvA Airways has yet taken legal action against the Martinique-based carrier which only launched last month with flights from Fort de France to Pointe à Pitre and St. Martin. AVA Air was unavailable for comment.

For its part, AvA Airways has established multiple subsidiaries around the Caribbean including AvA Airways (Curaçao) (not launched), AvA Airways (Dominican Republic), and AvA Airways (Sint Maarten) among others. To date, none of AvA's units has yet completed certification let alone launched operations.