Private luxury jet charter operator Gama Aviation (GMA, Farnborough) is currently engaged in a legal dispute with a former director, Dustin Dryden. The Times reports that Gama sued two of Dryden's companies in November 2016 for more than GBP400,000 (USD540,000) for losses sustained due to Dryden's "conduct as a director".

According to The Times report, Dryden had procured services and parts from Gama, but did not pay for them in full. Dryden has responded that the services were not carried out properly by Gama, and that some of the spare parts were being used as security to a third party. He has also filed a counter claim of GBP6.1 million (USD8.2 million) to cover his own losses.

Responding to the article, Gama Aviation issued a press release saying that it would not comment on specific details of the ongoing suits. It did however clarify that it was seeking GBP850,000 (USD1.1 million) from Dryden's entities for "unpaid trade receivables for services rendered" and that all commercial relationships between the two groups had ceased at the end of 2015.

Following a hearing in July 2017, the court ordered that the various claims be consolidated into a single action, which is due to be heard in June 2018.