Troubled US carrier Dynamic International Airways (2D, Greensboro) has stopped offering tickets on its last remaining scheduled passenger route, New York JFKGeorgetown Cheddi Jagan, effectively signalling its withdrawal from scheduled operations. The last flight was carried out on October 1.

Dynamic entered scheduled services in November 2015, initially offering Caracas Simón Bolivar – New York 3x weekly, having previously offered ad-hoc and charter services. It added Cancún and Punta Cana to its New York network in mid-2016, and Los Angeles Int'l to Cancun and San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin shortly after. By the end of 2016, Dynamic had also connected Chicago O'Hare to its Central American destinations.

However, in late 2015, Dynamic entered into a legal dispute with Air India, in which the Indian carrier claimed losses for a failed Hajj charter contract in 2013 and 2014. Apparently, Dynamic only provided four instead of five of its contracted aircraft, leading to numerous delays and cancellations. Dynamic's counter-claim stated that Air India had not paid it for the contract, and that it had reneged on future contracts. In March 2017, an arbitration court in Delhi, India, found in favour of Air India, and ordered Dynamic to pay INR657.1 million (approximately USD10 million) in damages.

In July 2017, Dynamic filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a bid to undergo a reorganisation process and save its business. Last month, the North Carolina carrier announced that it would switch to ACMI operations and cut its last remaining scheduled routes. It has already secured a contract with Swift Travel Services to operate a regular service between Port au Prince and Santiago de Chile Int'l until end-March 2018 in cooperation with LAW - Latin American Wings (LW, Santiago de Chile Int'l), and is also operating Miami Int'lHavana Int'l 7x weekly and Miami – Santa Clara de Cuba 6x weekly for the remainder of 2017.

Dynamic's Guyanese partner airline, Roraima Airways (ROR, Georgetown Ogle), has expressed its disappointment at the loss of the US carrier. On his Facebook page, Roraima's president and chief executive Gerry Gouveia said that it was unfortunate, but outside his control.

Other airlines which service the US – Georgetown market are Caribbean Airlines (BW, Port of Spain) (7x weekly from New York), Surinam Airways (PY, Paramaribo Int'l) (3x weekly from Miami Int'l), and Fly Jamaica Airways (OJ, Kingston Norman Manley) (1x weekly from New York).