Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MAJ, Nagoya Chubu) has confirmed an order for twenty firm and twenty optioned M90s, placed by the defunct Eastern Air Lines (2009) (Miami Int'l) in 2014, has now been cancelled.

The move follows Eastern Air Lines' acquisition by Swift Air (United States of America) (Greensboro) last year. Citing sources at the manufacturer, the Jiji news agency said Swift Air's decision to nix the order was based on the difference in the gauge of the aircraft as compared to Swift's predominantly B737 fleet. It is recalled, however, that Swift Air also terminated Eastern Air Lines' outstanding order with Boeing (BOE, Washington National) for ten B737-8s in December.

As it stands, the MRJ programme’s firm order backlog now consists of 213 aircraft while optioned and purchase right aircraft stand at 170 and four respectively.