Surf Air (URF, Santa Monica) has inked a partnership with virtual carrier Blade covering helicopter flights between Santa Ana, CA and Hawthorne in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, to be operated 3x weekly.

The flights will not be included in Surf Air's membership plans, which allow its members to fly as much as they want for a fixed monthly fee.

Hawthorne Airport is the seat of a number of large companies, including SpaceX, Tesla Design Centre, and Triumph Aerostructures.

Blade is a digitally-focused company which allows its customers to book seats on both scheduled services operated by third-party airlines, as well as charter flights. Services are operated both by fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters configured in executive class seating. Blade operates on both US coasts, offering services such as shuttle flights from New York City to each of the city's airports, East Hampton Airport on Long Island, Nantucket, Atlantic City. It also sells prepaid season passes in a business model somewhat similar to Surf Air's all-you-can-fly packages. In addition, Blade is also offering public charter services between White Plains and Miami Opa-Locka each weekend in cooperation with Contour Aviation (LF, Smyrna).