Kuwait Airways (KU, Kuwait) has resumed flights to Beirut, Lebanon, as of Sunday, April 15, following this past weekend's military action in Syria.

In a statement to the KUNA news agency, Kuwait Airways said the reasons for its suspension of service to the Lebanese capital have since abated. It had stopped flights on Thursday, April 12, amid a Eurocontrol warning of potential military traffic/ordnance in the vicinity of Syria through late Friday.

MEA - Middle East Airlines (ME, Beirut) has confirmed that it will continue to re-route flights avoiding Syrian and Cypriot airspace through Monday, April 16.

The United States, along with the United Kingdom and France, collectively bombed three Syrian government sites in an early morning operation on Saturday, April 14. The raid targetted chemical weapons facilities and was in response to a suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma last week which killed dozens of Syrian civilians.