Encompass Aviation (LC, Hawthorne) has announced it has withdrawn its pending application for Commuter Air Carrier Authorization given the recent termination of its commercial partnership with Surf Air (URF, Santa Monica).

The California-based charter specialist had applied for the authorization in June last year to enable it to operate scheduled interstate air transportation of persons, property and mail. At present, Encompass's FAA Part 135 operations specifications restrict it to intrastate operations within California.

At the time, it intended to use the authorization to both provide Part 135 commuter operations to Surf Air and other potential charterers nationwide. It also planned to use it to provide its own Part 135 commuter, ad-hoc charter and scheduled services in new, under-served short-haul markets (e.g. Essential Air Service markets) under the brand name ROAM.

However, in a filing lodged with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) on June 20, Encompass said it was withdrawing its application on the grounds that it does not want the DOT to "extend its resources" reviewing a business arrangement that has not been honoured and no longer exists.

"Encompass intends to file a new application for a Commuter Air Carrier Authorization to conduct scheduled passenger operations to include its interest in providing Essential Air Service," it said. "This application will be based on a new business plan and responsive to all applicable DOT requirements, and its commitment to operate in compliance with all applicable federal aviation regulations."

Encompass Aviation operates a fleet of eight PC-12s.