Ariana Afghan Airlines (FG, Kabul) has announced it is looking to hire a management firm to partially run the airline’s daily operations and implement organization-wide reforms on a three-year contract.

The state-owned airline said in its Request For Proposals (RFP) that it is in urgent need of fundamental reform in order to become a competitive and successful operator in the market.

"It is imperative to have robust strategic plans, efficient procedures, gap analysis reports, capable professionals, and a talented workforce in all layers of the company to grow in the current market where we have great potential," it said.

"Due to poor internal systems, lack of transparency, bureaucracy and a lack of aviation expertise, Ariana has been losing competitive advantages in the market. The lack of effective and quality systems, responsive policies, procedures and strategic direction have caused Ariana problems, all of which are often pointed out by related authorities including stakeholders and auditors."

The organization reform is company-wide and will target all functional and non-functional areas including Governance/Administration, Organizational Structure, Flight Operation, Maintenance and Engineering, Safety, Quality Assurance, Commercial Training/Capacity Building, Planning, Contract Management, Finance, Procurement, Recruitments, etc.

Given that 65%, or 650, of its staff are high school graduates, the reform will also seek to recruit skilled foreigners to help fill middle-management. By the end of the restructuring, Ariana's workforce should include at least 70% trained Afghans and 30% Foreigners.

Other requirements include a review of its current five-year plan while drawing up a 10-year strategic plan.

To ensure effective implementation of the project, the bidders are allowed to have one or two joint-venture national or international partners for the project. The leading partner must be specified along with the roles and responsibilities for each partner. The leading partner’s share must not be less than 60%.

The contract is for three years with the deadline for submissions set for July 13.