Bahamasair (UP, Nassau Int'l) is interested in joining the regional Caribsky alliance in order to improve connectivity between the Caribbean islands and reduce the dependence on funnelling traffic through Miami Int'l, the Bahamas Tribune has reported.

"Bahamasair is not a part of Caribsky yet, but we are speaking with the associated airlines to see how we can tie ourselves into it. It doesn't mean that Bahamasair will have to provide any further flights into the Caribbean, but we want to tie ourselves into this to make it work. We want to connect with the Caribbean," managing director Tracey Cooper said.

interCaribbean Airways (JY, Providenciales) also said it was looking at increasing the cooperation between regional airlines and could do so through a membership in Caribsky.

"Co-operation is natural, and so Caribsky is something that is interesting to us and we want to continue that dialogue and create a connected Caribbean," CEO Trevor Sandler said.

Caribsky currently includes LIAT (LI, Antigua), Winair (WM, St. Maarten), and Air Antilles (3S, Pointe à Pitre). As such, Bahamasair would become the first member carrier from the northern part of the Caribbean.