The Chairman and CEO of Guyana Airways (Georgetown Cheddi Jagan) Colin Abrams has announced on Facebook that he intends to run for the Presidency of Guyana as the current administration is allegedly blocking the launch of his airline.

"Dr Abrams will run for the office of President, only if the Government of Guyana continues to prevent Guyana Airways Corporation Inc., from operating under its current and legally registered name," the airline said.

Guyana Airways was deregistered from the Guyanese Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority earlier this year after the authorities took issue with the airline's name, identical to the now-defunct state-owned Guyana Airways (1963) (GY, Georgetown Cheddi Jagan).

The deregistration forced the carrier to defer the launch plans. Abrams said at the time that the government acted illegally as it had six months to block the company's registration in 2016, but failed to do so and then arbitrarily deregistered the airline at a later point in time.

The state-owned Guyana Airways was privatised and subsequently renamed as Guyana Air 2000 (GY, Georgetown Cheddi Jagan) in 1999. The airline then went out of business in 2001. Since then, Guyana has not had a flag carrier.