The Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) has ended an investigation into Adria Airways's financial status and declared the airline solvent and able to meet all its obligations.

"I did not expect any other decisions of the Agency, as Adria Airways was always in compliance with the requirements of the operating license holder. I regret that there have been so many false and misleading reports in recent months about the business condition of our company, but at the same time I am looking forward to continuing with the implementation of our strategic plan and building on the long-term development of the Slovenian airline," Managing Director Holger Kowarsch said in a statement.

The CAA launched its investigation last year when it requested Adria to provide a full business plan by December 31, 2018. While auditing the airline's reports from 2017, it concluded that it might be technically insolvent.

The Slovenian carrier was recapitalised by its owner, German investment fund 4K Invest, with EUR4 million euros (USD4.6 million) last year. The owner pledged to inject a further EUR10 million euros (USD11.4 million) in the first quarter of 2019.