Enter Air (E4, Warsaw Chopin) has inked a two-year contract with a Polish tour operator Itaka worth USD75 million in the first year and an unspecified, demand-dependent sum in the second year.

"We have been working with Itaka for five years without interruption. This year’s contract is roughly 11% larger than the contract due to expire in April of 2019. During the first year, i.e. for the Summer 2019 - Winter 2019/2020 season, jointly with Itaka, we plan to deliver a tourism program worth roughly USD75 million. In turn, we hope that our cooperation will continue to expand and bear fruit in the following year in the form of even higher volumes," Board Member Andrzej Kobielski said.

The Polish leisure charter specialist has recently signed contracts worth over USD200 million in total with TUI, Rainbow Tours, and Coral Travel.

Enter Air currently operates nineteen B737-800s and two B737-8s. It will also wet-lease two -800s from Slovakia's Go2Sky (6G, Bratislava) for the duration of the Summer 2019 season.