Turkmenistan Airlines (T5, Ashgabat) has enlisted the services of Lufthansa Consulting to help address and resolve all issues that lead the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to withdraw its Third Country Operator (TCO) certificate.

"The airline recently experienced difficulties in satisfying relevant EASA requirements and is taking matters in this regard very seriously," the consultancy said in a statement.

"In this project, our consultants will evaluate the current status within the airline towards EASA requirements. Furthermore, they will develop an overall customized and effective action scheme in line with the analyzed EASA TCO requirements and findings."

As previously reported, with it barred from European Union (EU) skies, the Turkmen carrier has been forced to wet-lease A330-200 capacity from Wamos Air (EB, Madrid Barajas) to service its Birmingham Int'l and London Heathrow routes. Flights to Frankfurt Int'l, Germany have been suspended until at least April 6.