Air New Zealand (NZ, Auckland Int'l) has filed a lawsuit seeking NZD4 million dollars (USD2.7 million) in damages from Z Energy Limited and Z Energy 2015 Limited for the 2017 fuel pipe rupture that caused shortages at Auckland Int'l, Radio New Zealand has reported.

The carrier's lawyer said that in ANZ's opinion, the pipeline operators were aware that it was vulnerable to ruptures but had done nothing for three years prior to the incident.

Air New Zealand is also claiming that the suppliers should take full responsibility for all interruptions to the delivery of fuel.

The carrier separately reached an out-of-court settlement with BP, another fuel supplier from whom it sought damages for the 2017 incident.

The pipeline connects New Zealand's only oil refinery at Marsden Point and a terminal at Auckland. It carries nearly all fuel to the largest airport in the country. Refining NZ, the pipeline owner, is a stock-market-listed company with Z Energy, BP, and ExxonMobil as its main shareholders.