The Sudanese military has closed the country's airspace, airports, and other points of entry/exit following a coup which ousted strongman Omar Al Bashir.

According to Al Jazeera, Sudanese Defense Minister Awad bin Auf said in a televised speech on Thursday, April 11, that Bashir, who himself came to power via a coup in 1989, had been arrested along with other members of his government.

The closure of all points of entry and the imposition of a month-long curfew from 2000L to 0400L is aimed at ensuring stability throughout the country. A three-month state of emergency has also been declared.

The military has also suspended the constitution and dissolved the National Assembly and all state councils. All have been replaced by a new military council that will oversee what Auf said is a two-year transitional period.

As of Thursday, April 11, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have formally acknowledged the suspension of flights to Sudan pending the reopening of its airspace. The Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority has yet, however, to issue formal NOTAMs regarding the status of its airways.