SkyWest Airlines (United States of America) (OO, Salt Lake City) has been tentatively selected by the Wyoming Department of Transportation to operate scheduled flights to four cities in the state.

"A selection committee consisting of two Wyoming legislators, who served on the Commercial Air Service Improvement Council, two aeronautics commissioners and other air service experts worked with the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Procurement Office in the selection of SkyWest Airlines to enter into negotiations to provide air service to Gillette, Riverton, Rock Springs and Sheridan," the Department announced in a statement.

The state formed the Commercial Air Service Improvement Council in 2018 to develop "a long-term plan that provides recommendations on how to achieve more efficient, stable, reliable air service in the state of Wyoming." Wyoming lawmakers earmarked USD15 million for subsidies for the selected carrier.

SkyWest's services to the four cities would be branded as United Express.

According to the ch-aviation capacity module, SkyWest already serves Gillette and Rock Springs double daily each, connecting the cities with Denver Int'l. Riverton and Sheridan are connected by Denver Air Connection (KG, Denver Centennial), which links the two cities with Denver using Do328-300 jets operated by Key Lime Air.

Wyoming, the US least populous state, does not have its own hub airport.