The Jordanian Government has increased its shareholding in Royal Jordanian (RJ, Amman Queen Alia), the carrier said in a filing to the Amman Stock Exchange.

According to the disclosure, the state agreed to acquire about 8,817,015 shares in the carrier held by Mint Trading Middle East valued at JOD15.87 million dinars (USD22.3 million). The shares are equivalent to 3.21%.

As of Wednesday, May 8, ASE records show the Government Contributions Directorate now holds an 82.03% stake in Royal Jordanian followed by the Jordanian Social Security Corporation with 5.331%. Mint Trading Middle East, a British Virgin Islands-based holding company owned by former Lebanese prime minister Najib Miqati, retains a 4.99% stake.

The remaining 7.648% is owned by other Jordanian and non-Jordanian companies and individuals.