ASL Aviation Holdings is in talks with Bansard over the sale of its ASL Airlines France (5O, Paris CDG) subsidiary to the French cargo forwarder, The Loadstar has reported citing inside sources.

According to the report, Bansard's president, Simon Pinto, has ambitious plans for the firm and wants to see it grow in different sectors.

“He is a big investor and sees an opportunity with ASL [France]. He is trying to bring Bansard to another level, and investing in several countries to develop its network,” a source told the publication.

Neither party chose to comment on the report.

ASL Aviation Holdings was acquired by European fund manager STAR Capital Partnership LLP in June this year.

For its part, ASL Airlines France operates two B737-300(F)s, three B737-300(QC)s, seven B737-400(F)s (including one wet-leased from ASL Airlines Ireland), five B737-700s, and two B737-800s. It specializes in cargo flights throughout Europe as well as scheduled passenger services connecting its Paris CDG base with various cities across France, Morocco, Algeria, Serbia, Tunisia, and Israel.