American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth) and United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare) have extended the cancellation of all B737 MAX-operated flights through November 3 and 2, 2019, respectively.

American Airlines said in a press release that it expected to cancel around 115 flights daily due to the MAX grounding, while United foresaw 40 to 45 flights daily cancelled in July, 60 in August, 70 in September, and 95 in October. The former carrier has twenty-four grounded B737-8s and the latter fourteen B737-9s.

Southwest Airlines (WN, Dallas Love Field), the world's largest operator of the B737-8, has so far cancelled all of its MAX-related flights through September 2, although this timeline is expected to be revised shortly.

American Airlines also said that so far, the grounding of its twenty-four B737-8s cost its USD185 million during the second quarter of 2019. In terms of the grounding's financial impact, Norwegian Group, which operates twenty-one B737-8s across its Norwegian, Norwegian Air International, and Norwegian Air Sweden AOCs, said during a quarterly earnings call that it estimated a NOK400 million krona (USD47 million) hit during the second quarter of 2019.