Ariana Afghan Airlines (FG, Kabul) has announced a Request For Proposals (RFP) to brokers for a potential wet-lease of an unspecified aircraft for a period of six months.

The Afghan national carrier said that it expects brokers to submit their proposals by December 6, while the aircraft itself should be available for delivery in the next one or two months. The airline reserved the right to participate in a test flight before the formalisation of the wet-lease. It said that it would prefer to test fly the aircraft in the UAE, Jordan, Turkey, India, Russia, or another nearby country.

Ariana Afghan Airlines said it could proceed to purchase the aircraft but reserved the right to do it independently of the wet-lease.

"During the contract period, the broker [can be] officially notified by the client [i.e. Ariana] and will be allowed to research the market on behalf of Ariana for charter or aircraft purchase. While the client would like to purchase aircraft or charter, the client will follow its own procurement process," the Afghan carrier said.

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, Ariana Afghan Airlines currently has two inactive A310-300s, one active and one inactive B737-400, and one B737-500. It also wet-leases a B767-200(ER) from Jordan Aviation (R5, Amman Queen Alia).