The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a USD3.92 million civil penalty against Southwest Airlines (WN, Dallas Love Field) for the airline's alleged operation of aircraft with incorrect calculations of weight and balance data.

"The FAA alleges that between May 1, 2018, and August 9, 2018, Southwest operated 44 aircraft on a total of 21,505 flights with incorrect operational empty weights, and center of gravity or moment data," the FAA said.

If confirmed, such operation would constitute a breach of the airline's approved weight-and-balance programme and operations specifications.

The LCC has 30 days from January 10, 2020, to respond to the proposed penalty.

In a statement to local media, Southwest Airlines said that the miscalculations were a result of a change in computer systems and the airline reported them to the FAA. A spokesperson added that the LCC will seek "an appropriate resolution" regarding the penalty.