The Greek government has designated Aegean Airlines (A3, Athens Int'l) a strategic industry thus rendering the privately-owned carrier eligible for state financial support. Details of an aid package have not been determined yet, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said at a press conference.

According to the Athens News Agency, short of disclosing any details or sums, Georgiadis said that discussions about the plan were already underway. He noted that many of Aegean's European competitors are now, through differing means, propped up by their local governments, which could put the Greek carrier at a disadvantage.

"Government is already preparing a plan for Aegean, which is not yet ready," he said. "We are looking into such a plan and our aim is that the company not find itself in a position of weakness."

However, the minister underlined that the state is not discussing becoming a shareholder in Aegean.

Aegean Airlines is wholly privately-owned and listed on the Athens Exchange. Its main shareholder, with a 24.2% stake, is the estate of founder Theodoros Vassilakis, who died in 2018.