Malta MedAir (MM, Malta Int'l) has begun offering airline-to-airline services to carriers and aviation suppliers including aircraft registration, Air Operator Certificate (AOC) applications, and charters.

The state-owned Maltese carrier, which is a subsidiary of flag carrier Air Malta (KM, Malta Int'l), was initially created in January 2018 to warehouse the airline’s slots. At the beginning of June, it said it was on standby to offer business services to other operators that want to make their operations leaner and more efficient or conversely, want to expand.

Malta MedAir is offering to assist in the addition of aircraft to the Maltese register as well as applications for a local AOC. It said it has been involved in aircraft registration for several leading airlines operating in Europe, and elsewhere, and is able to guide and assist airlines through the whole process from pre-registration, and inspection, to final registration.

The airline also flies and operates an A320-200 that is available for ACMI, charters or other flight operations, including cargo, and Malta MedAir said it can also offer other services including, ferry flights, training, and recruitment, updates to operations, and flight manuals, and specific airline consultancy.

Although Malta MedAir is owned by the Maltese government and is a subsidiary of Air Malta, the state has said the two entities will not compete with each other and Malta MedAir will not become a fully-fledged airline, the Times of Malta has quoted tourism minister Konrad Mizzi as saying.