Republic Airways (YX, Indianapolis Int'l) confirmed on June 18 that it had cut its overall workforce by 5%, Indianapolis' WFYI public radio reported. The cuts were both voluntary and involuntary, but specific numbers were not immediately available.

The Delta Air Lines capacity provider and independent regional carrier blamed the downsizing on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which it said had hacked capacity down by up to 80%.

It said that 34 flight dispatchers were among those who had lost their jobs. Gary Peterson, international vice president for Transport Workers Union of America, which represents the 34 flight dispatchers, said he was not aware of any airline that had furloughed workers while accepting US government funding through the CARES Act.

"No other airline has involuntarily furloughed any employee who is taking CARES Act money. Even prior to taking CARES Act money, they didn't furlough," he said.

Republic Airways confirmed to WFYI that it had accepted CARES Act funds, without providing further information. The union said that it was in talks with the carrier on the issue.

While Republic Airways' schedules for July and August have increased in size, it said that this was still only 40% of what it had projected before the pandemic.

When the coronavirus struck, Republic Airways had been in the midst of adding thirty E175s, all of them transfers from Compass Airlines (United States of America), to its fleet specifically to operate a more extensive network of regional routes on behalf of Delta. The airline, which also operates on behalf of American Airlines and United Airlines, currently operates five ERJ 170-100LRs, forty-four ERJ 170-100SEs, thirteen ERJ 170-100SUs, and 159 ERJ 170-200LRs, the ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows.

"Our partnership with Delta is a vital part of our business, and we're excited by the opportunity to expand our relationship with Delta and continue to serve its customers," president and CEO Bryan Bedford said in August 2019 when it announced the fleet renewal.