GoAir (G8, Mumbai Int'l) is negotiating the early return of its remaining A320-200s and has proposed to lessors to replace the units with A320-200Ns, The Hindu Business Line has reported, citing inside sources.

However, the airline's plans have reportedly hit a roadblock as lessors owning at least seven of the affected A320-200s are unwilling to agree to the swap and have demanded that the airline pay high fees for early lease termination.

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, GoAir operates thirteen remaining A320-200s, of which all are dry-leased from a variety of lessors, namely Aviation Capital Group, GECAS, SMBC Aviation Capital, Carlyle Aviation Partners, Goshawk (two each), Merx Aviation Finance, AMCK Aviation, and Aircastle (one each), the ch-aviation fleets ownership module shows.

The low-cost carrier already operates forty-three A320neo (all of them dry-leased) and has a further 101 of the type on firm order from Airbus. However, most of the A320neo are dry-leased from other lessors than those of the A320-200s. Only Aviation Capital Group, Goshawk, and SMBC own both A320ceo and neo units operated by GoAir.