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Dayton James M. Cox International (DAY)
Ohio B
United States of America B
North America B


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  • Read more 17APR2014: Its Hello "Envoy" as American Eagle Airlines brand is retired
    American Eagle Airlines (MQ, Dallas/Fort Worth) has officially transmogrified itself into Envoy Air (MQ, Dallas/Fort Worth) as of April 15. Using its fleet of forty-seven CRJ-700s, fifty-nine ERJ-140s and 118 ERJ-145s, the airline has now joined the likes of ExpressJet Airlines (EV, Houston Intc'l), Republic Airlines (YX, Chicago O'Hare), and Skywest Airlines (USA) (OO, Salt Lake City) in operating American Eagle services on behalf of American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth).

    Marking the occasion, Envoy Air president and CEO Pedro Fábregas said the name change marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the carrier's history.

    "As shared previously, our name change is driven by our need to differentiate ourselves from the other regional carriers flying as American Eagle. There currently are multiple other regional airlines flying as American Eagle. As the mainline integration continues, additional regionals now flying for legacy US Airways using the US Airways Express brand will take on the American Eagle brand. Our new name will help us avoid any potential confusion among the public or regulatory agencies," he told Envoy employees in a letter.

    American Airlines Group’s US Airways (US, Phoenix Sky Harbor) unit has two regional carriers, Piedmont Airlines (PDT, Salisbury) and PSA Airlines (JIA, Dayton James M. Cox), which currently operate under the US Airways Express banner. They too, at some stage, will begin operating under the American Eagle brand name.
  • Read more 14JAN2014: American Eagle Airlines to become "Envoy" from Spring 2014
    American Eagle Airlines (MQ, Dallas/Fort Worth) will change its name to Envoy Air (MQ, Dallas/Fort Worth) in Spring 2014. The airline says the change will give the company "its own distinct identity and eliminate the confusion between the company's current name and American Eagle, the regional flying brand of American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth). With the formation of American Airlines Group, the carriers currently providing regional service for the legacy American and US Airways (US, Phoenix Sky Harbor) networks namely Air Wisconsin (ZW, Appleton), ExpressJet Airlines (EV, Houston Intc'l), Mesa Airlines (YV, Phoenix Sky Harbor), Piedmont Airlines (1948) (PI, Charlotte), PSA Airlines (JIA, Dayton James M. Cox), Republic Airlines (YX, Chicago O'Hare), and Skywest Airlines (USA) (OO, Salt Lake City), will all eventually fly under the American Eagle brand. "Our people and our company – which is one the largest regional carriers in the world with some of the best people in our business – deserve a name that is all our own," said Pedro Fabregas, the president and CEO of American Eagle Airlines. "By taking on the Envoy name, we can better differentiate ourselves from the competition and better market ourselves. This is important for both our people and our company as we further expand our ground handling business." Once the necessary regulatory processes and approvals are complete, "Operated by Envoy" will be added to the company's aircraft paint scheme and noted on customers' tickets.
  • Read more 12DEC2013: American Airlines orders 30+40 CRJ900s from Bombardier
    Bombardier (BBA, Montréal Trudeau) has signed a firm purchase agreement with American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth) to acquire thirty CRJ-900 NextGen aircraft with options on an additional forty. The order is the first between American and the Canadian manufacturer. Based on list prices, the firm order contract is valued at approximately USD1.42billion and could increase to approximately USD3.38billion should the forty options be exercised. The aircraft will be operated by US Airways (US, Phoenix Sky Harbor) subsidiary PSA Airlines (JIA, Dayton James M. Cox).
  • Read more 29SEP2013: PSA Airlines, pilots ratify new deal; US Airways to place 30 jets
    PSA Airlines (JIA, Dayton James M. Cox) management and its parent firm, US Airways (US, Phoenix Sky Harbor), have ratified tentative agreements with its pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association International, that guarantee the placement of a minimum of 30 large regional jets at PSA. PSA pilots will also be granted seniority-based interviews and guaranteed additional job offers at US Airways. According to, in exchange, PSA pilots agreed to pay-adjustments, changes to medical aid premiums, and an extension of their contract to 2023. Coming six months to the day after the pilots ratified a new contract, the agreements also provide PSA pilots with greater job security, furlough protections, and opportunities for first officers to upgrade to captain positions more quickly. The agreements are contingent on the merger of US Airways Group and AMR Corporation, the parent of American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth), by December 31, 2015.
  • Read more 14FEB2013: American and US Airways finalize merger plans
    American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth) and US Airways (US, Phoenix Sky Harbor) have announced that the two boards of directors have agreed to merge forming the largest carrier in the United States and the world overtaking United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare) in terms of yearly passengers carried. The new merged airline will retain the American Airlines brand, be a member of Oneworld alliance and lead by current US Airways CEO Doug Parker with American Airlines CEO Tom Horton becoming chairman of the merged airline. American Airlines parent AMR debtors will own 72% of the airlines with US Airways shareholders receiving the remaining 28% of the stock. AMR currently operates under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will emerge from bankruptcy as part of the merger. The two carriers expect the merger to be completed within six months according to statements made by Doug Parker with the carrier’s headquarters to be near Dallas/Fort Worth. Fully owned regional carriers American Eagle Airlines (MQ, Dallas/Fort Worth), Piedmont Airlines (PDT, Salisbury) and PSA Airlines (JIA, Dayton James M. Cox) will continue to operate as separate carriers operating under the American Eagle brand going forward. American currently operates 604 aircraft with 277 aircraft operated by regional carriers. US Airways operates 337 aircraft with regional carriers operating 283 aircraft on its behalf. The combined fleet of both carriers will be approximately 1500 aircraft including regional partners according to ch-aviation data as of today. The two airlines have announced they continue to operate all hubs at Charlotte, Chicago O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles Int'l, New York JFK, Miami Int'l, Philadelphia Int'l, Phoenix Sky Harbor and Washington National.


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CRJ-20035 35hiddenhidden
CRJ-70014 14hiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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