University Access

All your students are looking for long-term success, and they need access to more than just textbooks to achieve it: an ability to review and analyse real data from today’s businesses is crucial to supporting their theoretical studies and developing skills relevant to their future careers. 
Today, over 800 global organisations trust and rely on information supplied by ch-aviation to stay informed and up-to-date on key developments within the aviation industry worldwide. We count aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, service providers and governmental institutions among those that value and use our information on a regular basis.
University access to ch-aviation is an ideal way to help students bridge the gap between academic theory and business reality with insights that are driven by outstanding data and news from the aviation industry. 
Benefits of University access to ch-aviation for students, professors and staff:
  • Access to the world-leading daily airline industry news desk, which includes the latest updates on global aviation news, updates and insights;
  • Unlimited access to the ch-aviation news archive, which includes more than 100,000 articles. This also comprises exclusive ch-aviation PRO articles – a highly valuable and sought-after resource for students and professors to help them in their academic work;
  • Unlimited access to our up-to-date airline database, where we provide information relating to over 13.000 airlines and aircraft operators worldwide, including financial data, statistics, fleets and relationships;
  • Full access to our airport database, which includes data on more than 8,000 airports as well as information about related operators, crew bases and aircraft stored;
  • Access to the ch-aviation fleets: an industry-leading database of more than 75,000 commercial aircraft details. This includes technical data, ownership data, historical aircraft data, engine data, seat configurations, wet and dry leases, as well as storage and maintenance information; 
  • (Optional) access to airline schedules, capacities, and market shares by using ch-aviation Schedules and Capacities modules, ACMI aircraft search, airline PSS and contact data. 
How it works:
  • ch-aviation provides free access to our news, airlines, airports and fleets data for academic institutions with aviation/transportation focus from their internal networks;
  • ch-aviation applies discounted prices for universities for Schedules, Capacities, PSS, Contacts and other modules required for academic use. 
How to apply:
If you're a student working on your academic thesis or a university representative interested in applying for access to our database, please get in touch with us using the form below: