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Campinas Viracopos (VCP)
Sao Paulo B
Brazil B
South America B

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2 Countries served
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LAN Airlines, TAM et al. to rebrand as Latam Airlines

LATAM Airlines Group has announced it will rebrand its LAN Airlines (LA, Santiago de Chile Int'l) and TAM Linhas Aéreas (JJ, São Paulo Congonhas) subsidiaries as Latam Airlines. The unveiling of a singular, unified airline brand comes almost three years after the Chilean and Brazilian firms completed their merger thus creating the world's then second largest airline by market value.

"The first unified experiences for passengers are expected in April 2016, along with the presentation of the ...

LATAM to cut Brazilian capacity on weakening economy

The LATAM Airlines Group is to scale back its Brazilian operations and workforce in response to the country's weakening economy. The Group said in a statement that the sliding Brazilian Real was having an adverse affect on the country's aviation industry as a whole.

"Given the impact of the challenging economic scenario in the country, caused by an increase in inflation and an appreciation of the US dollar versus the Brazilian real, resulting in a slowdown in the airline industry, ...

Route Network Update for ABSA Cargo

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Brazil reduces cargo cartel fines for four carriers

ABSA Cargo (M3, Campinas Viracopos) along with Alitalia and American Airlines have had their fines for engaging in alleged cargo cartel activities reduced by Brazil's Administrative Council for Economic Defence (Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica - CADE).

In August 2013, the three, along with the now defunct Varig Log (LC, São Paulo Guarulhos), were fined a total of just over BRL293million (USD125million) over the alleged cartel, which the CADE said operated between 2003 and 2005. ...

Chile's LAN Cargo to lease out three B767 freighters

LAN Cargo (UC, Santiago de Chile Int'l) and its sister cargo carriers will lease three B767-300(F)s to FedEx Express (FX, Memphis Int'l) on a three-year contract as demand for freight capacity in Latin America continues to remain weak.

"Cargo trends continue to be weak due to a slowdown in imports into Latin America and competitive pressures from regional and international cargo carriers persist," it said.

Parent LATAM Group said this week that in light of limited demand, it will continue ...


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Aircraft TypeActiveInactiveTotalOn Order* BØ Age PCapacity P  
B767-300(F) WIN.7 7hiddenhiddenhidden
* Includes new or used aircraft not yet delivered for which a construction/manufacturer serial number is already known.


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