Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace has named NetJets Aviation (EJA, Columbus John Glenn, OH) as the buyer behind a December 2023 order for twelve Challenger 3500s plus options for a further 232.

Bombardier said the order "reaffirms the strong ties between the companies and underscores the continued supremacy" of the Challenger 3500 in the super midsize business jet category. NetJets already operates 88 of the predecessor type, the Challenger 350.

"As we evaluate demand and overall growth within the market, we are confident the extension of our super-midsize fleet will continue to differentiate NetJets as the worldwide leader in private aviation," a spokesperson told Forbes. A third party spokesperson was unable to provide any additional details of to ch-aviation.

According to the ch-aviation fleets module, the world's largest fractional private jet operator has a fleet of 513 aircraft, including the aforementioned 350s, two existing 3500s, forty-four 650s, 190 Cessna Citation Latitudes, fifty-nine Longitudes, thirty-six Sovereigns, fifty-four XLS, twelve Global 5000s, nine 5500s, twenty-one 6000s, three 6500s, and ten 7500s.