The US Department of Transportation issued a certificate of public convenience and necessity for interstate charter flights to Florida's GLOBALX (GXA, Miami Int'l) on August 3, a day after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the carrier its Part 121 Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

Following the receipt of both permits, the start-up petitioned the DOT to waive its standard six-day waiting period before its decision takes effect. The airline underlined that not only has it all the required certificates to begin operations immediately but also has sufficient funds, having eliminated its earlier negative balance sheet and paid all of its pre-operational start-up costs.

GLOBALX's AOC authorises it to operate scheduled flights from Atlantic City, Miami Int'l, and Punta Cana. Its DOT certificate limits its fleet to two aircraft for the time being with a mandatory 45-day notice period should GLOBALX plan to expand its fleet beyond this number. Initially, the airline will operate one A320-200 and one A321-200, although it has tentative plans to add a further two A320-200s in the coming weeks. It intends to operate charter flights from its hub in Miami, Florida, to points in Latin America, Cuba, and the Caribbean, and conduct sports and casino charters under ACMI agreements.

Earlier this year, GLOBALX signed its first long-term ACMI deal with Venezuela's Estelar Latinoamerica (ES, Caracas Simón Bolivar), covering a single A320-200 for operations from Caracas Simón Bolivar and Maracaibo to Miami. The airline did not respond to ch-aviation's question concerning the timeline for the beginning of operations to Venezuela.

Besides its passenger operations, GLOBALX is targetting rapid growth in the cargo market as it awaits deliveries of fifteen A321-200(P2F)s.